The Weekender: “…But the Judge Said It’s Okay.”


Sure, after two and a half years without a paycheque and what’s likely a tonne of legal bills, Senator Mike Duffy probably needs some dough. Of course, when the news hit this week that Duff Man was again filing his living expenses for reimbursement from the Senate (and the Canadian people), the immediate visceral reaction was, “Are you serious?!” And the answer was yes, even though it’s taken almost four years of his life, and almost the entirety of his political career, Duffy was back it, doing the very thing that got him into so much trouble in the first place: Claiming living expenses for being in the exact place he’s called home for over two decades.  Continue reading “The Weekender: “…But the Judge Said It’s Okay.””

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday May 5, 2016


This week on Open Sources Guelph, the general theme is dysfunction. In Quebec, some chaos has been created in the provincial legislature with the sudden resignation of a major party leader. In Ottawa, mystery was created as a suddenly unsullied senator returns to work still under a cloud of uncertainty. And here in Guelph, one of the persons mentioned in the kerfuffle last week at council will try to get back on track in doing the good work for the city. This week, we’ll do what we can to overcome internal strife and talk the issues. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday May 5, 2016”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 25, 2016


This week’s edition of Open Sources Guelph will touch on several different aspects of news and current affairs: politics, the economy, technology and diplomacy. In Canada, we’ll consider the epic series finale to the Duffy trial, nearly one year long in the making, and we’ll consider Bombardier asking “Please sir, may I have so more?” of the Federal government. In the States, a rich and powerful corporation is sticking up for individual privacy, and Great Britain is trying to decide if it will be greater without being ankled by the European Union. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 25, 2016”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday November 26, 2015


Almost two weeks after the attacks in Paris, things seem to be unraveling all the more in terms of the world’s tenuous geopolitical situation. This week on Open Sources Guelph, we’ll do our small part to offer insight and analysis on these perilous circumstances, and the consequences of the ongoing war, like refugees. Meanwhile in Canada, the domestic picture is not so rosy with money issues and the return of a name whom in no small way had a huge impact on the outcome of the election. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday November 26, 2015”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 20, 2015


What’s the matter with you? You guys listen to Open Sources Guelph to learn more about these fantasy scandals and it amounts to zero! Have you guys never cheated on your tax return?! This week’s show isn’t a deal, it’s a nothing. We don’t read tax forms, it’s done by the people in the tax department. Don’t like it? Well you’re a lying piece of $#!%! You too! You’re making an issue out of nothing! He’s nothing! Open Sources is producing good radio! It’s nothing! It’s nothing! It’s zero! (Quietly lead away by private security.) Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 20, 2015”

NDP Rips Off Jon Stewart to Slam Conservatives


Look, it’s been a rough week for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. A lot of new details revealed in the Nigel Wright testimony at the Mike Duffy trial has not reflected well on him and his administration, and questions about the specifics continued to dog the PM as he hit a hardware store on the campaign trail today. As journalists and opponents keep firing pointed questions about who knew what and when, the NDP has decided to have some fun with the very serious allegations of corruption. Continue reading “NDP Rips Off Jon Stewart to Slam Conservatives”