The Hosts

Scotty Hertz – Scotty Hertz joined CFRU as newsreader for The Labour Show in 2004. As it’s eventual host, Scotty turned TLS into a podcast that was carried on, one of the first podcasts of it’s kind in Canada. He returned to CFRU as the host of The Working Week and also appeared on several Election Radio specials, eventually becoming a permanent fixture on the Beyond The Ballot Box panel. His written work has been featured in Canadian Dimension and at, and is still featured on his blog,  Spannerbook.

Email: scottyhertz [at] bell [dot] net.
Twitter: @scottyhertz

Adam A. Donaldson – After stints as Editor-in-Chief of The Ontarion and editor of, Adam A. Donaldson went freelance contributing to Echo Weekly, the Guelph Mercury, the Waterloo Region Record, New Theatre Review, and Women’s Post. He was also on staff for Lucid Forge and Press+1, and along the way created, and still maintains Guelph Politico. When not talking or writing politics, he covers movies and nerdy stuff on Nerd Bastards. In addition, he produces the weekly Guelph Politicast, which can be downloaded on the same channel you get the Open Sources Guelph podcast on.

Email: adamadonaldson [at] gmail [dot] com
Twitter: @adamadonaldson

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