Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday November 26, 2015


Almost two weeks after the attacks in Paris, things seem to be unraveling all the more in terms of the world’s tenuous geopolitical situation. This week on Open Sources Guelph, we’ll do our small part to offer insight and analysis on these perilous circumstances, and the consequences of the ongoing war, like refugees. Meanwhile in Canada, the domestic picture is not so rosy with money issues and the return of a name whom in no small way had a huge impact on the outcome of the election.

This Thursday, November 26, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz  and Adam A. Donaldson will discuss:

1) Another Act of War? Things in, near and around Syria got even more heated Tuesday when Turkey shot down a Russian plane that was supposedly invading its air space. In the wake of the Paris Attacks, a lockdown in Brussels, and renewed demand from the U.S. and partners to up the ante in the fight against ISIS, a NATO member shooting down Russian fighter has dangerous implications, but what will those be? Is Russian going to stand down, or will this a dangerous provocation turning Syria into a flashpoint for not just its own going civil strife, but a new proxy war among global super-powers?

2) The Plan Revealed. Since their election on October 19, Canadians have wondered just how exactly Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the government intended to bring 25,000 refugees to Canada before New Year’s Day, and they got their answer: they’re not. The amended Liberal plan will see 10,000 arriving her before January 1, with 15,000 more arriving by the end of February. The outpouring of support for refugees from provincial and community leaders has been in stark contrast to the rhetoric south of the border, so is this a win for the Liberals in their first big test of government? Is the plan doable, and well thought out?

3) There’s Already a Deficit! Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered his first financial statement this week in his new job, and halfway through the fiscal year it seems that Canada is already in a deficit. Lagging oil prices and an economic downturn have resulted in a projected $3 billion deficit, which, if you’re keeping score, now accounts for nearly a third of the Liberals promised $10 billion cap on annual deficits. How will this affect the Liberals plan to use deficit spending to fund infrastructure projects?

4) Duffy Trial Part III. Outside the prescience of the election campaign, and in the shadow of more pressing global concerns, the trial of Senator Mike Duffy resumed. Gerald Donohue, the man whose “consultation” resulted in $65,000 in money from Duffy’s expense account being paid to companies owned by members of his family, took the stand Monday, and although his testimony wasn’t as “sexy” as Nigel Wright’s, it’s still pretty important to the Crown’s case. Is Duffy’s fate in his anti-fraud trial any more certain, and when will we learn his fate?

Open Sources is live on CFRU 93.3 fm and at 5 pm on Thursday.

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