Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 20, 2015


What’s the matter with you? You guys listen to Open Sources Guelph to learn more about these fantasy scandals and it amounts to zero! Have you guys never cheated on your tax return?! This week’s show isn’t a deal, it’s a nothing. We don’t read tax forms, it’s done by the people in the tax department. Don’t like it? Well you’re a lying piece of $#!%! You too! You’re making an issue out of nothing! He’s nothing! Open Sources is producing good radio! It’s nothing! It’s nothing! It’s zero! (Quietly lead away by private security.)

This Thursday, August 20, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz  and Adam A. Donaldson will discuss:

1) Campaign Week #3. No one pays attention to politics in August? Hardly. It got pretty intense on the hustings as both Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau had to deal with internal issues. Trudeau had to let go a candidate that said some untoward things on Twitter, and Harper had a candidate who touted his status as the son of a Holocaust survivor. And he had the ongoing dilemma of the Duffy Trial. And then he had the irate old man that cussed out the media’s interest in the case, which prompted a rare apology. All this, and the mysterious case of the local attack ads against Andrew Seagram as we head into week four of the federal election.

2) The Neverending Cross-Examination. As old men blew up at reporters on the campaign trail, the subject of that anger continued on unabated in an Ottawa courtroom. Nigel Wright’s cross-examination continued on the stand at the Mike Duffy trial this week, abd included in the revelations was the allegation that key members of the Harper team, including his current chief of staff Ray Novak, were in on the meetings discussing the $90,000 cheque. With the wear of the trial showing among Conservative supporters, will Duffy by Harper’s Waterloo (the Battle not the Ontario city)?

3) Remembering Tina. It was one year ago that teenager Tina Fontaine was found in the Red River. In those 365 days, life on Canada’s streets has not gotten any safer for the country’s Indiginous women. Forget the fact that Tina’s case remains unsolved, but many others have joined her on the long, sad list of women who have been missing or murdered and there seems to be no drive in those in power to address the problem or come up with solutions. Can the combination of this powerful anniversary and the present campaign make any difference?

4) The Price is Reich. In the mood to purchase some genuine Nazi Germany artifacts? Well, you won’t find them at a St. Jacobs antique market, which had several items for sale including Swastika flags, S.S. rings and an actual letter signed by Adolf Hitler himself, until community pressure had them removed. Is this an example of censorship? Were community members right to force the store to remove the items, or are we too sensitive and anxious to bury any reminder of this brutal period in history?

Open Sources is live on CFRU 93.3 fm and at 5 pm on Thursday.

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