Old Man Calls Duffy a “Zero” and Calls Media “Pieces of $#!%”


Former Stephen Harper Chief of Staff Nigel Wright was on the stand for something like 71st day in a row at the trial of Senator Mike Duffy today. Every day on the campaign trail, Harper is getting pelted with questions from the media concerning what he knew and when, which, admittedly, can get tiresome for anyone interested in knowing more about the Conservative platform or any subject not involving the words “senate” and “expenses.” So in what’s sure to be one of the most re-played moments of the election, one person decided to stick up for his man Harper in the wake of mounting and deafening media demands for answers with hilarious results.

Tension began when one Tory supporter told members of the media that after five decades of support, he can no longer give his loyalty to the prime minister after more non-answers about Duffy and a lack of interest on the part of the Conservatives about seniors. Then, this man accosted him. And when that went no where, he decided to tell the media what’s on his mind. We’ll pick it up there courtesy of the CBC.

You may have noticed that the man there was wearing a “Doug For for Mayor” button underneath his Ted Opitz button. In the end, it almost reminds one of the this classic Ford Nation supporter.

Ford supporter’s reaction from Jenny Sung on Vimeo.

Admittedly, that woman seems to be pretty far outside the mainstream of voters who are even marginally informed about the issues, but the CPC Geezer, as he’s been dubbed, seems to have taken crackpottery to a whole new level. At least Penny Morrison didn’t call the media ISIS supporters. Still, let’s chalk this up to a favourite meme of mine…


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