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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 21, 2017

Scotty’s back! The Hertz will be back on Open Sources Guelph this week, in person, following his international tour, and we’ll give him some time and space this week to get back into a Canadian frame of mind with a couple of sweet topics. One the one hand, a new NDP leader is about to be named, and on the other, a beloved face of the past is promising a political return (for us to make fun of). All that, plus some news from away, and an interview with a U of G prof that knows all about statue drama… Continue reading


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The Weekender: Doug Ford, His Brother’s Taker


Here’s an idea: the next time Doug Ford says, “Come over to my house, I have something important to say,” the press should get more details first. Like last year’s “announcement” that he would *not* be seeking the leadership of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative party, Doug Ford’s annual special non-announcement was that he’s written a book. Or rather it was a joint effort. Apparently, Ford’s dear departed brother Rob spent a portion of his last days co-penning the definitive tome of his political career called Ford Nation: Two Brothers, One Vision – The True Story of the People’s Mayor. Doug calls it the truth. The Star’s Rosie DiManno called it “revenge porn.” I call it a sad attempt to stay relevant by the less-talented brother. Continue reading

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Reefer Madness and These Desperate Times


I’ve already commented on Stephen Harper’s apparent segue to prop comic while campaigning in this election, and it’s enough to make you wonder if given the polls he’s pondering his post-prime ministerial career. Perhaps as a game show host. Compounding the silly season move to campaign with a comically-exaggerated, old-timey cash register is a growing sense that Harper, while losing the race, is losing his mind, because why else would he be slamming the Liberal plan to decriminalize marijuana on the one hand, while appear at an event with a known drug user and his alleged drug dealing brother on the other? Continue reading

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Old Man Calls Duffy a “Zero” and Calls Media “Pieces of $#!%”


Former Stephen Harper Chief of Staff Nigel Wright was on the stand for something like 71st day in a row at the trial of Senator Mike Duffy today. Every day on the campaign trail, Harper is getting pelted with questions from the media concerning what he knew and when, which, admittedly, can get tiresome for anyone interested in knowing more about the Conservative platform or any subject not involving the words “senate” and “expenses.” So in what’s sure to be one of the most re-played moments of the election, one person decided to stick up for his man Harper in the wake of mounting and deafening media demands for answers with hilarious results. Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Sun News Network Failed


The untimely demise of Sun News Network Friday left about 200 media professionals out of work, which is sad considering the current sorry state of the media business. Still, if Sun News is looking for someone to blame for their fortunes, then they need only to look in a mirror. True, the lack on any desire on the part of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunication Commission (CRTC) to make Sun News mandatory for national cable boxes might have had something to do with it too, but for the most part, here are the 10 reasons why Sun News bombed. Continue reading

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