NDP Rips Off Jon Stewart to Slam Conservatives


Look, it’s been a rough week for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. A lot of new details revealed in the Nigel Wright testimony at the Mike Duffy trial has not reflected well on him and his administration, and questions about the specifics continued to dog the PM as he hit a hardware store on the campaign trail today. As journalists and opponents keep firing pointed questions about who knew what and when, the NDP has decided to have some fun with the very serious allegations of corruption.

Posted to Facebook yesterday, and passed around in an e-mail to supporters today, the NDP produced a video where kids read the incriminating emails from the Harper staff and senate allies about their response to the payout to Senator Duffy in order to cover his flagrant abuse of senate “rules” regarding living expenses.

Does this seem familiar? Maybe you watched The Daily Show 10 years ago and saw their ongoing feature “Great Moments in Punditry as Read by Children.” Yes, not only is this video by the NDP a blatant rip-off, it’s also not funny because reading dry emails about a cover-up is not where near as funny as hearing the words of Sean Hannity translated through those still in grade school.

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