What’s Open Sources Programming for the Holidays?


It’s that time again for Open Sources Guelph to take some R&R at Christmastime, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you hanging. In other words, while we’re going to be taking a couple of weeks off from the news, we will still be delivering new episodes, so gather the family ’round the radio and give a listen your favourite Guelph holiday tradition: the annual Christmas and New Year’s specials of Open Sources.

December 22 – Favourite Political Movies: The Docs Edition. Following last year’s initial entry into movie reviewing, talking about our favourite political movies, this year we narrow our focus to talk about an even more specific genre: the political documentary. Political subjects are tailor made for the documentary format, going into difficult and/or complicated subject matter in ways that are hard to do with your usual three-minute news pieces. Whether it’s telling tales from the modern campaign trail and looking at trials of historical significance, the documentary can cover almost anything, and Scotty and Adam will share their favourites in the now annual tradition, the Christmas movie show (not the Christmas Movie show).

December 29 – Year End Awards Show. It’s that time again to pick the winners and losers for the year that was in politics. As per usual, we’ll choose the year’s best politician and the worst politician, 2016’s best news story and the story most worthy of being labelled a trainwreck. In addition, we’ll choose the words of the year to retire, and we’ll give the incoming President of the United States the lifetime achievement award he’s so richly deserved from the last 18 months he’s spent as a politician. On the surface, this was a pretty awful year in a lot of ways, but maybe we can dig in and find some positive things to say too, and maybe even have a few laughs. For our final show of the year, we’ll consider the year 2016, and award it appropriately.

As always, you can listen to Open Sources, Thursdays at 5 pm, on CFRU, 93.3 fm or cfru.ca.

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