Old Grey Mare She Ain’t What She Used to Be


So this made a lot of news, and understandably so because it is hilarious as hell. Last week, at an event in Kissimmee, FL, Republican Presidential candidate (sigh) Donald Trump did his usual stump speech, but the news kept on coming long after he left the stage and supporters were filing out of the venue. One old guy, a member of the legion of over-45 set that Trump has attracted in large numbers, saw the media pen and thought he would give them a piece of his mind, and it went a little something like this…

Interestingly, it was about this time last year that this guy hit our national political joke book here in Canada. Coincidence?

Now there’s no doubt that there’s a resemblance between the so-called “American Patriot” and his Canadian counterpart Earl Cowen, AKA: CPC Geezer, AKA: “Lyin’ Pieces of $#!%” guy; they even kind of bear a striking resemblance to one and other, although angry old conservative white guys all look the same to me. Both were greeted with more comedy and bewilderment then they perhaps intended when they “confronted” the media, but the meme is exactly the same: the media is the enemy.

To Stephen Harper’s credit, he never openly attacked the media like Trump does. The attacks were largely left up to the fundraising arm of the Conservative Party, which consistently noted that more money had to be raised to combat the media’s well-known left-wing bias. Harper, for his part, largely ignored the media, or begrudgingly took five questions per day while on the stump. Trump, meanwhile, will do an hour-long press conference (and many more than his Democratic rival, mind you), and then later get up in front of supporters, draw their attention to the media in the back and calling them “liars”, “disgusting”, and “corrupt”. And that’s when he’s feeling magnanimous.

Oh well, we’re all entitled to our opinion, and here’s mine: I prefer my crazy old men to be dancing than swearing angrily.

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