Gordon and MacKinnon Coming Up on the Show


We’ve hosted Dan Gibson, Phil Allt, and Cathy Downer so far, and now Open Sources Guelph is packing our summer shows with further appearances by members of Guelph City Council. Coming up in the next couple of weeks, we’ll host both James Gordon and Mark MacKinnon on the show.  Continue reading “Gordon and MacKinnon Coming Up on the Show”

Downer and DeRuyter Coming Up on the Show


It’s been a while since we’ve had special guests on the show, but we’re getting back to business this week with the latest city councillor to join our one-at-a-time round table, with Royal City’s top cop on deck to join us in studio soon.  Continue reading “Downer and DeRuyter Coming Up on the Show”

The Weekender: Sharing Should Be Caring at City Hall


This Monday at city council, the integrity commissioner will do something he hasn’t to do in a while, give council a report on a complaint that was filed against several its members. Unfortunately, I can’t comment on this thing at arm’s length because Guelph Politico is right deep into it; the complaint involves two people, one identified and one not, who talking to me. The charge was that these people broke the seal of confidentiality of the closed meeting, and while Robert Swayze found that on most counts the complaints are unfounded. But I think this whole episode misses the real problem: we’re having too much discussion in closed meetings. Continue reading “The Weekender: Sharing Should Be Caring at City Hall”

Schreiner, Longfield and Allt Coming Up on Open Sources

Coming up this week on Open Sources Guelph, we’ll start our next round special guest appearances, and they will represent all levels of government for Guelph from the provincial to the federal and back down to the local. Got any pressing questions? We’ll tell you who you can address them to next. Continue reading “Schreiner, Longfield and Allt Coming Up on Open Sources”

The Weekender: Tytler Library – You’ve Already Built It, They Will Come



I’ve been convinced for at least a decade that Tytler School was going to be swept up in the outbreak of condo mania we’ve seen in the past few years in The Ward. It’s in an ideal location and ripe for conversion, possessing the correct combination of retro hip cred, a sizable potential parking lot and location x3. Currently, it’s officially known as the Couling Crescent Holding School, where French Immersion kids are patiently waiting for the construction of said school, a purpose built quasi-private institute for the FI Movement. Tytler somehow went from “expensive to maintain” to “well maintained” overnight, needing only “cosmetic touch ups” to enable it to be used as a holding pen for a school that did not physically exist. Couling is well off the beaten path; as of writing it’s an array of cinderblocks and mud, so Tytler will be occupied for a while yet…

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