Gordon and MacKinnon Coming Up on the Show


We’ve hosted Dan Gibson, Phil Allt, and Cathy Downer so far, and now Open Sources Guelph is packing our summer shows with further appearances by members of Guelph City Council. Coming up in the next couple of weeks, we’ll host both James Gordon and Mark MacKinnon on the show. 

On our July 7 show we will welcome a man who’s no stranger to CFRU, James Gordon. Gordon is now the first term councillor for Ward 2, but for years he’s been well known as a singer/songwriter and local activist with a long list of credentials on numerous issues including the environment, civic engagement and First Nations relations. We’ll talk to Gordon about his support for community energy, plans for the Homewood property, his citizen engagement efforts, and his push to get the original inhabitants of Guelph recognized at council meetings.

The next week, on July 14, we will be joined by Gordon’s fellow rookie councillor Mark MacKinnon of Ward 6. Like a lot of Guelphites, MacKinnon came to Guelph for school, and ended up staying, and now by day he works in real estate and as a mortgage broker, and he works later in the day as a board game publisher. On council though, MacKinnon’s got his eye on one of the most active parts of the city, and we’ll look at all the latest developments in Ward 6, the recent discussion on Corporate Services Committee for a living wage, and the councillor’s idea for a service review for the City of Guelph.

As always, Open Sources Guelph airs Thursdays at 5 pm on CFRU. If you have any questions for either Gordon, or MacKinnon (or both) feel free to give us a digital shout.

One thought on “Gordon and MacKinnon Coming Up on the Show

  1. 95 % of the Kortright Hills community surveyed do NOT want a 2 lane bridge to replace the heritage Niska Road single lane bailey bridge … yet, the Ward 6 councillor, Mark Mackinnon voted FOR the two lane bridge.

    Many of constituents were NOT listened to or heard. Many constituents are not pleased with his decision, and how many will consider this before the next election?

    I certainly will not vote for him ever again.


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