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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 14, 2017

As Scotty Hertz continues his search for King Solomon’s mine or whatever, the retconning of Open Sources Guelph this week continues with its transformation into a hardcore news show without any of that working class hero nonsense. So what are we doing this week? We’ve got the singing city councillor, and Guelph’s most well-known pot activist! Okay, so it’s not going to be *super* serious, but we’re going to tackle serious issues, in a serious way, with some fine and affable local characters. In other words… Continue reading


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Adam’s Award Winners for 2016

By the time this article posts, our annual year end awards show will be over. In case you missed it, or you want to save the results for posterity, here’s the breakdown of how the Open Sources Guelph team saw the year that was… Continue reading

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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 7, 2016


School might be out for summer, and so is Peter Mansbridge, but Open Sources Guelph keeps up its good works all year long and today will be no exception. Summer fun at Toronto Pride was interrupted for some seriousness as one group forced the annual event to get back to where it started from. Others, it seems, will have more time off than they bargained for, as a major crown corporation is looking to force its workers into accepting a new deal. And finally, we’ll talk to one of the few politicians that’s taking the time this summer to work harder… on his musical career. Continue reading

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Gordon and MacKinnon Coming Up on the Show


We’ve hosted Dan Gibson, Phil Allt, and Cathy Downer so far, and now Open Sources Guelph is packing our summer shows with further appearances by members of Guelph City Council. Coming up in the next couple of weeks, we’ll host both James Gordon and Mark MacKinnon on the show.  Continue reading

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