Blue Rodeo Releases Harper Protest Song


The protest song is not a new device for rock and rollers looking to rage against the machine, but when stalwarts of CanCon Top 40 middlebrow work day mix radio start raging, you should sit up and take notice. Blue Rodeo is hardly the protest song type, but they are now. The Canadian band has released a new single called “Stealin’ All My Dreams,” and guess who the titular thief is. Continue reading “Blue Rodeo Releases Harper Protest Song”

VIDEO – Obama Marks ‘Independence Day’


It’s been almost 20 years since Independence Day hit theatres everywhere. A winning combination of War of the Worlds, 70s disaster flicks and state-of-the-art effects, it was a smash hit when it came out in 1996, and has remained a fixture on TV ever since (including an all-day marathon yesterday on AMC). If there’s one scene that sticks above all others, after the one where the White House blows up of course, it’s the famous “rally the troops” speech by Bill Pullman’s President Whitmore. Well some industrious person on the internet thought that if Pullman could deliver that speech so good, then what about one of the best orators in current American politics: President Barack Obama. Continue reading “VIDEO – Obama Marks ‘Independence Day’”

Canadian Trivia Fail! Video of the Week from Jeopardy

The answer is Stratford. What is Stratford?

Of course, the most well-known bit of Canadian-related trivia on Jeopardy is that its host, Alex Trebek, is one of us. One wonders then if he was somewhat responsible for the events that transpired on the game show the other night, when Jeopardy decided to test the contestants knowledge of the Great White North. Unsurprisingly, it was an epic fail. After leaving the category “Canadian Cities” to the very end of Double Jeopardy, and with time still left on the clock, the trio of players had to face the inevitable, that they didn’t know Jack about Canada. Of course, I wonder how many of the questions the average Canadian would have gotten (I got three out of five), but still, it was a truly pitiful display for a show aimed towards smart people. Let’s take a look and mock, shall we? Continue reading “Canadian Trivia Fail! Video of the Week from Jeopardy”

Justin Trudeau? Shia LeBeouf says ‘Just Do It!’


From the guy that brought you wearing a bag over his head to his own movie premiere, and sitting in an art gallery all day to have people come in an yell at him, comes Shia LeBeouf’s latest art project: standing in front of a green screen yelling motivational gibberish at the camera. The point of this has its own weird explanation, but some industrious Canadians saw an opportunity to inject a little “Beef” into our upcoming election. Continue reading “Justin Trudeau? Shia LeBeouf says ‘Just Do It!’”

A Tale of Two Mayors (in Comedies)


Last night on The Hour Has 22 Minutes, correspondent Mark Critch came to Toronto to catch up with Mayor John Tory and indulge a pleasant day of tobogganing. (Tobogganing not being banned in Toronto as it is in other Ontario municipalities, I refer you to the previous discussion we had about it on the show.) While the entire affair was funny and enjoyable, it did get me thinking (remembering really) of the last time 22 Minutes came to Toronto to talk to the Mayor…. Continue reading “A Tale of Two Mayors (in Comedies)”

From SpannerBook: Scotty Hertz and the Tunnel of Secrets

It’s probably due to the ancient coding buried deep within our makeup that stories of secret tunnels and hidden chambers continue to thrill. Two thousand years ago, loads of humans on the planet lived short rough lives in houses that would qualify as earth bunkers. Ever wonder why some people call their living quarters “digs”?

(An iron age hut in the UK. Not much iron to speak of but it was home)

Continue reading “From SpannerBook: Scotty Hertz and the Tunnel of Secrets”

Get Patriotic With “Trailer” for ‘Canadian Sniper’


Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper has been an award season sensation, and a box office success, but it’s not come without controversy. The partisan politics of Sniper have been well-documented in the weeks since its release, and where there’s complex political concerns, there’s the opportunity for satire. Enter the folks at Cannibal Milkshake. In much the same spirit as other cultural mockery efforts like The Simpsons and “Canadian Graffiti,” these comedians have seen the opportunity to use the controversy to strike comedic gold, and the result can now be seen on a You Tube near you. Prepare for the gut-wrenching drama and behold the soul-crushing moral divide in war with Canadian Sniper.
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