The Weekender: Tytler Library – You’ve Already Built It, They Will Come



I’ve been convinced for at least a decade that Tytler School was going to be swept up in the outbreak of condo mania we’ve seen in the past few years in The Ward. It’s in an ideal location and ripe for conversion, possessing the correct combination of retro hip cred, a sizable potential parking lot and location x3. Currently, it’s officially known as the Couling Crescent Holding School, where French Immersion kids are patiently waiting for the construction of said school, a purpose built quasi-private institute for the FI Movement. Tytler somehow went from “expensive to maintain” to “well maintained” overnight, needing only “cosmetic touch ups” to enable it to be used as a holding pen for a school that did not physically exist. Couling is well off the beaten path; as of writing it’s an array of cinderblocks and mud, so Tytler will be occupied for a while yet…

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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday April 7, 2016


Stop us if you’ve heard this one, but it was a very busy news week here for Open Sources Guelph. No special guests today (but they are coming) but there will be lots of discussion on big topics. For instance, it looks like the one per cent is full of tax cheaters, some of whom you may know by name (stop us if you’ve heard this one). In other news, we bravely descend back into the muck of the U.S. Presidential Election, which marches on in perpetuity to find new levels of insanity. In the back half of the show, we’ll talk Canadian politics with a leadership test for a federal leader, and a leadership test passed for a provincial one. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday April 7, 2016”

Kitchener MP Does it Old School in TV Ad


Just before the Federal Election was called last summer, Press Progress had a post about 13 Conservative candidates in 13 different campaign videos, but all, apparently, reading from the script, produced by the same production team with the same set designer. Call me kooky, but I think Marwan Tabbara learned a valuable lesson there. If  you don’t watch TV, or rather if you don’t watch local TV, you might have missed this. But the Kitchener South – Hespeler Member of Parliament has bought some air time on the local CTV station that he’s ready to believe you. Or something. Continue reading “Kitchener MP Does it Old School in TV Ad”

Sauce Quest



At my local up the road I finally had a daub of French’s ketchup on some fresh cut fries. It was fine. I’m not gaga for ketchup, having been raised on HP Sauce. HP was always on our table and ended up on darn near everything except cereal. Whenever I see that distinct square glass bottle, I’m transported back to the old dining room, staring at a slab of my mother’s steak pie, which was actually just stewing beef and sausage from the slow cooker with a side of puff pastry. A tiny scoop of boiled veg was added for colour and all of it got slathered in The Sauce. Pure magic. Nostalgia is a powerful marketing tool. I’d pay nearly anything to revisit that scene, if only for an hour. I miss my mum and her crock-pot masterpiece on days like Easter Sunday.


Heinz bought HP in 2005 and…

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The Weekender: Are We Too in Love With Our Cars?


Most fast food places have drive-thrus, a convenience invented for the purpose of allowing consumers to pick up food quickly and smoothly and take it elsewhere to be consumed, perhaps with family. Still, take a walk past a restaurant with a drive-thru and look at the parking lot, and you will see people, eating in their cars, after picking up their food. Why eat your meal crammed behind the dashboard of your car instead of eating it at a table or a booth inside the restaurant? It’s part of, what I think, is a dangerous fetishization of our cars. Automobiles are no longer a convenience, they are an extension of self that people feel they’re entitled to.  Continue reading “The Weekender: Are We Too in Love With Our Cars?”