Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 17, 2015


This week, Open Sources Guelph will continue our election interview series by doing a twofer. We will have back-to-back interviews with two of the local candidates running to represent Guelph on Parliament Hill for the next four years, and they are both candidates who may not get a lot of air time due to the fact that they’re not running for one of the four major parties. If you’re tired of politics as usual, and are maybe looking for new voices in this campaign, then this is the show for you.  Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 17, 2015”

May Dares Mulcair to Call Harper’s Bluff on Debates


Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May was at the University of Guelph this morning to announce her party’s platform for post-secondary education and addressing youth unemployment, but being the eve of a debate, the media was interested in knowing more about May’s plans, participating via remote on Twitter. The Globe & Mail and Google, who organized tomorrow’s debate on the economy in Calgary, wanted a “steamlined” debate with just Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau, but May is still holding out for hope that she can still play ball with the other leaders in a televised debate, and she dared NDP leader Mulcair to make it happen. Continue reading “May Dares Mulcair to Call Harper’s Bluff on Debates”

Why the Red Scare in 2015?


This week on Open Sources Guelph, we will welcome Guelph Communist Party candidate Tristan Dineen. I personally have enjoyed my discussions with the Communist candidates over the years, they’re always thoughtful, engaged, passionate, and unscripted. Lately though, it’s felt like I’m in the minority. Lately, it’s seemed like we’re living in the 1950s and the Red Scare is on all over again. Continue reading “Why the Red Scare in 2015?”

Anonymous Threatens Bombshell on Baird for Tuesday


Earlier this summer, the hackitivst group Anonymous said that they had damning information about the “real reason” that former Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird resigned his seat and his cabinet position earlier this year. That was back at the end of July, and not much has been heard from Anonymous on the subject, which is weird considering that we’re more than a month into the election. Well, as they say, timing is everything, and a new communique from Anonymous early this morning promises that those revelations will be finally made public this week. Continue reading “Anonymous Threatens Bombshell on Baird for Tuesday”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 10, 2015


Like the campaigns themselves, Open Sources Guelph will kick its election coverage into high gear this week with the first of our candidate profiles. We published a full schedule of the interviews we have arranged, and in the weeks to come, we invite all voters in Guelph to tune and listen to our interviews with all the candidates and make your own mind about who to vote for on October 19. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 10, 2015”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 3, 2015

Mohamed Fahmy

Before you kick off for the Labour Day weekend, tune in your radio for the latest edition of Open Sources Guelph. Don’t adjust your set, because the show will sounds a little different this week, but rest assured, the same old political commentary will emerge for your radio this afternoon as the team address the latest hot topics making news across Canada. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 3, 2015”

Open Sources Show Notes for Fall Election Coverage


Can you believe the 2015 Federal Campaign is already a month old? Neither can we, but as September begins, those of that run the wheels here at Open Sources Guelph are about to get serious with our campaign coverage, as the show post-Labour Day will start to share the mic with a rotating chair of local candidates who are all vying to become Guelph’s next Member of Parliament. Where do they stand on the issues? What do they want to do for the riding? What effect will their party’s victory on October 19th have on the country? Those are some of the questions we’ll put to our special guests, and here is when you can listen to their answers? Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Fall Election Coverage”