Open Sources Show Notes for Fall Election Coverage


Can you believe the 2015 Federal Campaign is already a month old? Neither can we, but as September begins, those of that run the wheels here at Open Sources Guelph are about to get serious with our campaign coverage, as the show post-Labour Day will start to share the mic with a rotating chair of local candidates who are all vying to become Guelph’s next Member of Parliament. Where do they stand on the issues? What do they want to do for the riding? What effect will their party’s victory on October 19th have on the country? Those are some of the questions we’ll put to our special guests, and here is when you can listen to their answers?

Sept. 10 – Kornelis Klevering, Marijuana Party

Sept. 17 – Tristan Dineen, Communist Party

Sept. 24 – Lloyd Longfield, Liberal Party

Oct. 1 – Andrew Seagram, NDP

Oct. 8 – Gord Miller, Green Party

Oct. 15 – Gloria Kovach, Conservative Party

Open Sources Guelph will continue to air on CFRU 93.3 fm and Thursdays at 5 pm. If you can’t listen to the show live, you can always listen via the CFRU archive page, and we are currently in the process of setting up a podcast channel so that you can download the show and listen to it anywhere, anytime.

In the event that another candidate should enter the race between now and the deadline to submit one’s name as a candidate on September 28, we will make every attempt to get them on the record with a special podcast release or special edition of Open Sources.

Finally, on Election Night, Open Sources Guelph will be broadcasting live to air from the Bullring on the University of Guelph campus to bring you all the latest news of seats won and campaigns lost from across the country, To help with the endeavour, we will be joined by the CFRU News team and special guests. Full details will be posted in the coming weeks as we get everything confirmed.

Stay tuned here for all the latest show updates and news and commentary about the national campaign. As well, follow my blog Guelph Politico for all the latest news from the campaign trail here in the Royal City.

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