Uh-Oh. Someone Told John Oliver About the Senate Expense Scandal


Canada may be five hockey rinks surrounded by bears, but we have feelings too. It’s always big news when Canada gets a mention on an American political satire show like The Daily Show, it’s like we made it, but usually it’s when the bus goes completely off the cliff, like with the case of a certain Toronto mayor. And that’s why it was surprising that our little senate scandal got the attention of John Oliver, and he remarked on the Canadianness of our political scandals on his show Last Week Tonight.

“Wow. This scandal could not be any more Canadian if public money was being used to get Drake to drink maple syrup on Niagara Falls,” he said. Touché, Mr. Oliver. But then things did get more Canadian when a clip revealed that Sen. Terry Mercer of Nova Scotia spent nearly $3,500 on attending the 100th anniversary of the Toronto Curling Club. “A man named Terry going to a curling club anniversary? Kudos Canada, you made this scandal more Canadian after I explicitly said it cannot be done.”

Then Oliver pointed out the one greater absurdity of the scandal, and dropped a Rob Ford reference until he unleashed the crescendo of the bit, a quote from one Nancy Ruth. Check out the clip for yourself below.

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