#AskMayorCam a Question on Upcoming Open Sources


It was a little over six months ago that Cam Guthrie was elected to be Mayor of the City of Guelph, but those first four months on the job haven’t been all getting settled, hand-shaking and memorizing the names of city hall staff. No, Mayor Guthrie had to get right down to work, and work with the new council, to put together a budget for 2015. No easy feat even if everyone on council has experience parsing those huge budget books, and no easy task when you’ve made a lot of promises about changing the way business is done at 1 Carden Street.

But with the budget battles behind him now, Cam Guthrie will now face an even more dangerous situation: one hour on live radio alone with Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson.

On Thursday April 23 at 5 pm, Mayor Guthrie will be the guest for the full hour on Open Sources Guelph. While we expect to cover all manner of topics with the mayor – from budgets, to transit, to construction, to preserving our beloved neighbourhood frozen ponds – we also want to know what you would like to ask the mayor. Do you have a particular issue you want Mayor Guthrie to address? Do you have a specific question you want to ask him? Then you can pass it along to us, and maybe we’ll ask him.

How do you do this? Well…

  • You can post the question to our Facebook fan page.
  • You can tweet it to @admadonaldson or @scottyhertz
  • You can send an e-mail to adamadonaldson[at]gmail[dot]com or scottyhertz[at]bellnet[dot]com.
  • Or you can post the question in the comments section below.

After that, tune into the show on April 23rd at 5 pm on CFRU 93.3 fm or cfru.ca and see if your question is one of the ones that comes before Mayor Guthrie to answer.

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