Open Sources Show Notes for November 7, 2019

This week on Open Sources Guelph, it seems like we’re all about endings and separations. We’ve got a growing number of people out west eager to start their own country, we’ve got a Federal party leader leaving her job behind, and we have the U.K. holding an election to decided if they’re really leaving the E.U. this time. On the other hand, it looks like transit expansion might be starting in Toronto, and, if there’s time, we’ll consider the question why someone thinks that Ben Mulroney is the savior of the Conservative Party. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for November 7, 2019”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 7, 2019

This week on Open Sources Guelph, the state of the union is deeply cynical with a hint of despair. We’ll talk about Trump’s latest attempt to pivot to presidential, and we’ll talk about the Ford government’s latest pivot away from transparency. After the break, we’ll consider if a serial killer can teach us something about the present tolerance for the queer community, and if a city councillor not taking the bus can tell us something about our transit system. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 7, 2019”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday June 28, 2018

This week’s Open Sources Guelph takes us on a journey to a mysterious and forbidden land just down the 401: Toronto. One weekend had both reason for celebration and reason for concern, as Pride festivities were overshadowed by more news that seems to say that the city may be a little less safer than normal due to all the gun violence. Of course, Pride highlighted some concerns of its own, and that’s something else we’ll dig into this week. But that’s not the end of the excitement! Along with the news this week, we’ll welcome back to the show Guelph’s next Member of Provincial Parliament, who, as you might have heard, made some history. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday June 28, 2018”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday April 26, 2018

The warmer weather has ushered in a very political news week on Open Sources Guelph. We’ll catch-up with the latest in local political news, and the latest from the Federal Liberals who are acting like an election’s coming. Circumstances also demand that we revisit Trump World on today’s show, while another set of circumstances demand we revisit the growing influence of the alt-right.  Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday April 26, 2018”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday December 1, 2016


This week on Open Sources Guelph, we say goodbye to a dictator. Or maybe that’s goodbye to a working class hero. There’s a lot of controversy there as the prime minister knows, and we’ll keep serving up the controversy as Justin Trudeu’s Liberals seem to be hedging on that electoral reform he so vehemently promised last fall. Speaking of flip-flops, we’ll head to Toronto where the mayor there now thinks that tolls aren’t so bad, and we’ll round up the week by talking about everyone’s favourite President-Elect whose wrath we expect to feel on Twitter any day. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday December 1, 2016”

The Weekender: Doug Ford, His Brother’s Taker


Here’s an idea: the next time Doug Ford says, “Come over to my house, I have something important to say,” the press should get more details first. Like last year’s “announcement” that he would *not* be seeking the leadership of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative party, Doug Ford’s annual special non-announcement was that he’s written a book. Or rather it was a joint effort. Apparently, Ford’s dear departed brother Rob spent a portion of his last days co-penning the definitive tome of his political career called Ford Nation: Two Brothers, One Vision – The True Story of the People’s Mayor. Doug calls it the truth. The Star’s Rosie DiManno called it “revenge porn.” I call it a sad attempt to stay relevant by the less-talented brother. Continue reading “The Weekender: Doug Ford, His Brother’s Taker”

Rob Ford “Crack Video” Finally Revealed


We won’t have much time to talk about it on the show today (not that there’s really anything left to say), but the infamous video that Rob Ford once famously said that he had “never seen or does not exist” is now available for all to see. With the charges this morning dropped against Ford’s friend and sometimes driver, Alexander “Sandro” Lisi, who allegedly tried to bribe and brass knuckle his way to the tape after the website Gawker revealed its existence, the most famous video of a Canadian mayor is now online and as easy to see as your nearest YouTube embed. Continue reading “Rob Ford “Crack Video” Finally Revealed”