Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday October 25, 2018

Finally, we’re getting back to normal on this week’s edition of Open Sources Guelph, and by “normal”, we mean in Trump adjusted terms. The big man will come up in a tertiary way on today’s show, but he will not be our focus. Instead, we’ll be looking at the fallout of the Municipal Election race here in Guelph and other places, the ongoing controversy over the apparent murder of a journalist in Turkey, the lack of controversy from Canada legalizing pot, and we’ll look ahead to the next election. (Naturally.) Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday October 25, 2018”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 9, 2018

This week on Open Sources Guelph we gaze into the terrifying future. Sort of. Yes, we look ahead to maybe having an NDP leader in the House of Commons again, and what the election might look like a year from now, but there’s also plenty here in the present to be worried about. In Portland, violence seems to be the name of the game as ideologies clash in the streets, and there’s plenty of ideological clashing online too between new enemies, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Government of Canada. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 9, 2018”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 18, 2016


So what’s in the news? It seems like it’s non-stop Trump zaniness, but this week on Open Sources Guelph, we ask a more important question: is this the end of civilization? One major magazine seems to think so, and we’ll break that down and figure out if we’ll remember one week in July as beginning of the end of society. After that we’ll talk about swimwear, cars, and power! But while that sounds like we’re doing some kind of manly man show, these are actually serious political issues that need to be discussed. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 18, 2016”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday May 26, 2016


It’s a week of big returns on Open Sources Guelph! First of all, Scotty will be back on the show to talk about the issues of the day. As for those topics, we will revisit that contentious vote in Great Britain with the strange name, the political fallout from the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history still being felt 15 years later, and a certain MP that they used to call PM. All this, and we will try to have a reasonable explanation about the virtue and demerits of paying taxes, as we plan for another epic edition of the show albeit with post-long weekend fatigue. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday May 26, 2016”

Tony Clement Masters Both Hypocrisy and Self-Awareness


When Saudi Arabia began 2016 by executing 47 people, it cast an almost immediate spotlight on Canada. Not because of our own predilection for beheading our criminals no matter the crime, but because of a 2014 deal by the Canadian government to have the London-based company General Dynamics Land Systems build armoured vehicles for the Saudi government. The details of that agreement were never released, and now that former Treasury Board President Tony Clement isn’t in the government anymore, he’s pretty ticked off about it.  Continue reading “Tony Clement Masters Both Hypocrisy and Self-Awareness”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 7, 2016


We’re back! It’s the beginning of year two on Open Sources Guelph, and the beginning of a new year, and when those two forces combined it makes for a very busy work week indeed. More trouble in the Middle East? Check. Presidential Election talk? Check? Current U.S. President makes last ditch effort for gun control? Check. Nuts that prove the reason why gun control is needed? Check, and double check! Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 7, 2016”