Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday May 26, 2016


It’s a week of big returns on Open Sources Guelph! First of all, Scotty will be back on the show to talk about the issues of the day. As for those topics, we will revisit that contentious vote in Great Britain with the strange name, the political fallout from the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history still being felt 15 years later, and a certain MP that they used to call PM. All this, and we will try to have a reasonable explanation about the virtue and demerits of paying taxes, as we plan for another epic edition of the show albeit with post-long weekend fatigue.

This Thursday, May 26, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will discuss:

1) You Brexit, You Bought It. You might remember from earlier this year that we discussed the United Kingdom’s upcoming vote to decide whether they should stay in the European Union or not. Well, there’s less than a month left to go in that campaign now, and it seems like things are getting tight for the “Leave” side, always the underdog in this bid to shake up the course of the Eruozone. The “Remain” argument, which has been supported by U.K.’s government, has made a very strong case (some would say propaganda) about the dangers of cutting ties with the EU, but the Leaves promise to not go down without a fight. We’ll give you the latest on the will they or won’t they Brexit.

2) 26 Pages. The families of 9/11 victims are wanting the government to declassify 26 pages of the report into the terrorist attacks, pages that were heavily redacted in the original release of the report and are presumed to contain information about the Saudi government having pre-knowledge about the events in 2001. One U.S. politician that’s seen the pages has said that victims’ families deserve to know what he knows, but there are those in the government, even in the White House, who think that road will lead to a litigious and diplomatic nightmare. So should Congress de-redact those pages and let the chips fall where they may?

3) Bye Steve. After months of sitting quietly in the back-benches of the House, and ducking out side doors to avoid the press, Stephen Harper will soon spend his final days as a Parliamentarian. A Globe and Mail report says that Harper will soon resign as the Member of Parliament for Calgary Heritage, marking the end of an era for the man himself and the Conservative Party. What will Harper’s legacy be? What fanfare will be given to him at the Conservative convention in Vancouver this weekend? And what will we do without anymore “Where’s Harper?” jokes?

4) Tax Shelters. A recent editorial by Edward Keenan in the Toronto Star posed a very serious question: in a growing city with growing demands, how would you suggest we meet the challenges beyond regular tax and/or fee increases? Challenging city critics to be specific in terms of things they would cut, or revenue to be raised, Keenan wants people across all political stripes to think outside the box, so we’ll do the same except for, you know, Guelph. If people don’t want raised property taxes year in and year out, where else can we do to get the revenue? What services specifically can be cut to create slack in the budget? Is there anywhere we can find efficiency?

Open Sources is live on CFRU 93.3 fm and at 5 pm on Thursday.

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