Reefer Madness and These Desperate Times


I’ve already commented on Stephen Harper’s apparent segue to prop comic while campaigning in this election, and it’s enough to make you wonder if given the polls he’s pondering his post-prime ministerial career. Perhaps as a game show host. Compounding the silly season move to campaign with a comically-exaggerated, old-timey cash register is a growing sense that Harper, while losing the race, is losing his mind, because why else would he be slamming the Liberal plan to decriminalize marijuana on the one hand, while appear at an event with a known drug user and his alleged drug dealing brother on the other? Continue reading “Reefer Madness and These Desperate Times”

The TPP is a Done Deal, But Now What?


After years of careful negotiating, and a weekend of touch-and-go final detailing, 12 Pacific Rim countries agreed in principle this morning to the makings of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the largest free trade agreement in global history knocking down trade barriers for 800 million people and about 40 per cent of the world’s economy. Conservative leader Stephen Harper was pleased with the deal saying, “This deal is, without any doubt whatsoever, in the best interests of the Canadian economy.” Great! So what’s in it? Nobody outside the governments that negotiated it know. Continue reading “The TPP is a Done Deal, But Now What?”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 16, 2015


Riddle me this, riddle me that, who’s afraid of this week’s Open Sources Guelph? The answer is everyone, we’re too powerful now. But seriously folks, we have serious questions and we’re going to take a break from breaking news on this week’s show to consider some of those big questions about this Fall’s Federal Election. Issues, tactics, controversies, and perhaps even a frightening glimpse of the future (depending on your point of view) are all on the table as we anticipate a very contentious campaign in the coming weeks. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 16, 2015”

Ad Wars 2015 – Part I


Today both the Conservatives and the New Democrats released brand new ads, and they make a pretty clear statement that the 2015 election campaign is now unofficially underway. The battle lines are drawn here between the governing Conservatives and the upstart NDP: you’re either going to vote for strong, steady leadership, or you’re going to leave behind cynicism and embrace morning in Canada. Continue reading “Ad Wars 2015 – Part I”