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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 4, 2016


Oh man, how we long to go to the circus agin… Instead this week on Open Sources Guelph we resist the urge to talk about all those things zapping the oxygen south of the border, to tackle some serious issues. Terror has made the news again, but not because someone shot something up, or blew something up. Water is in the headlines, mostly the lack of it, but also the taking of it by big water bottling companies. Then we’ll follow the tracks to Churchill, because the train don’t run there anymore. And then we’ll wrap up with trip overseas to Britain where they’re still feeling the after effects from the Brexit.  Continue reading


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From Spanner Book: A Home Which May Have Never Existed



It’s a completely Canadian thing to possess a perfectly formed alternative national identity that surfaces on occasion. It tends to emerge when there is a soccer tournament or some other international event happening that precipitates putting a small flag of another nation on your vehicle. It’s always a bit more complicated for those of us from the UK because the soccer teams of each nation within the kingdom united compete separately, except in the Olympics. The 2012 Great Britain olympic men’s soccer squad had no Scots or Northern Irish on it. It was pretty much a foreshadowing of the Brexit vote. They got clobbered as well. 

I am continually pressed into service to explain the finer points of the UK and always get the feeling when I’m finished that whoever asked still doesn’t get it or their eyes glaze over when I say things like “…after the Act of Union…

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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday June 30, 2016


We’ve got a bad feeling about this… On this week’s Open Sources Guelph, we depart from our usual format of two topics and an interview, or even four topics and no interview, and go with one topic and an interview. The momentous topic in question that requires a half-hour of discussion: Who would win a fight: a taco or a grilled cheese sandwich? But seriously, there was a pretty big vote in Britain last week, and it had widespread reverberations across the world, that continue to spread as everyone involved asks a simple question: Now what? So there’s that, and we call the police! No big deal, this was a pre-planned visit and not emergency. Continue reading

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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday June 23, 2016


It’s a week of break ups and make ups on this edition of Open Sources Guelph. Across the ocean, one country is deciding today if they’re going to dump the Eurozone experiment like a bad boyfriend that forgets your birthday and never picks up after himself. In Canada, the provinces made the decision to work with the Feds to expand the savings possibilities of the people. Meanwhile, one Conservative politician may be looking to dump his federal party and take his chances with a provincial one, and an old friend is coming by to help out with our ongoing political roast of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Continue reading

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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday May 26, 2016


It’s a week of big returns on Open Sources Guelph! First of all, Scotty will be back on the show to talk about the issues of the day. As for those topics, we will revisit that contentious vote in Great Britain with the strange name, the political fallout from the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history still being felt 15 years later, and a certain MP that they used to call PM. All this, and we will try to have a reasonable explanation about the virtue and demerits of paying taxes, as we plan for another epic edition of the show albeit with post-long weekend fatigue. Continue reading

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