Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday March 2, 2017


The state of Open Sources Guelph this week is strong. We will be dealing bigly with the latest developments of the Trump administration south of the border, including a speech to the joint session of Congress where the President sounded – gasp! – presidential. Meanwhile in our own backyard, things are not looking too rosy for the Ontario Liberals, but can they turn it around in the next year? Then, in the second half of the show, we’ll talk about being the best activist you can be with a very special guest, and we’ll then look into the ugly face of rising of hatred across all borders. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday March 2, 2017”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 14, 2016


For the umpteenth time in the year-and-a-half history of Open Sources Guelph, we’ll tackle another American shooting tragedy driven by racial politics. If we could have a few less of those, that would be great, but as long as it keeps happening, we’ll keep talking about them. Meanwhile, across the pond, the British government is still dealing with tragedies past, and the bitter ghosts of the Iraq War have been dredged up again. So with all that seriousness, after a much needed break, we hope that City Councillor Mark MacKinnon will be able to lighten things up with a pointed conversation about municipal matters (with laughs… Hopefully). Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 14, 2016”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 7, 2016


School might be out for summer, and so is Peter Mansbridge, but Open Sources Guelph keeps up its good works all year long and today will be no exception. Summer fun at Toronto Pride was interrupted for some seriousness as one group forced the annual event to get back to where it started from. Others, it seems, will have more time off than they bargained for, as a major crown corporation is looking to force its workers into accepting a new deal. And finally, we’ll talk to one of the few politicians that’s taking the time this summer to work harder… on his musical career. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 7, 2016”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday April 14, 2016


In a rare all-Canada centric edition of Open Sources Guelph, we’re going to cover both political maneuvering and deep-seeded social issues. Of the former, we’ll bookend the show with discussion about the sacrificial ouster of Tom Mulcair from NDP leadership, and the multi-level struggle of governments to get their fundraising in line. Meanwhile, on either side of the break, we’ll deal with the touchy subjects of Black Lives Matter and a new ongoing emergency in an area of Canada that’s synonymous with “ongoing emergency.” Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday April 14, 2016”