Open Sources Show Notes for July 16, 2020

With the literal spectre of death hanging over us, we will convene this week’s episode of Open Sources Guelph. On this week’s show, we have four very big topics to discuss including the latest on the WE scandal, the latest on the investigation into a downed plane in Iran, and how COVID and cancel culture is destroying America, but the government is talking only one of those seriously.

This Thursday, July 9, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will discuss:

WE Need to Talk. There seems to be no end in sight as a scandal around a plum government contract for the WE organization has now absorbed Finance Minister Bill Morneau, and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, albeit on an entirely different matter. WE now finds itself under a microscope, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finds himself under his third ethics investigation in five years, so is Trudeau about to lose the sheen of his better than terrible response to COVID-19?

Plane Truth. Remember before COVID when one of the biggest foreign policy issues of the year was when Ukrainian Air Flight 752 was shot down by Iran? Well, it turns out 176 people were killed due to bad communications and poor alignment. So that’s that, right? Not so fast, because this is Iran’s own investigation, and others are waiting to finally get a second look at the black box. So what else is left to learn, and what consequences will there be for the Iranian regime?

Casket Case. When President Donald Trump got up in the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday, he talked about almost everything except the fact that the U.S. is rapidly approaching four million cases of COVID-19. Nearly four out of five states are showing increases in cases now, some are returning to lockdown, and expanded Federal employment benefits are running out, while Trump’s team publicly demeans the nation’s chief virologist. Has COVID defeated America?

Culture Club. The two most controversial words in politics right now is “cancel culture”, but what the heck is that? To some people, it means the erosion of speech as some people say the wrong thing and are then inundated by the “liberal mob”, but to others it means the democratization of speech and a call to account for outdated thinking and talking points. So is cancel culture a sign of the beast, or is it, as Desmond Cole said, more of a culture of responsibility?

Open Sources is live on CFRU 93.3 fm and at 5 pm on Thursday.

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