Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 21, 2019

We’re back! After taking a week off to help CFRU mark Black History Month, Open Sources Guelph returns with more stories than you can shake a stick at. So let’s start shaking! We will metaphorically march on Queen’s Park, as everyone seems to be doing, since everyone seems to have a beef with the provincial government these days. Next, we’ll go to the Federal government, where they’re certainly not immune from scandal. Speaking of immunity, there’s not much of it anymore thanks to Anti-vaxxers. And speaking of contagions, we’ll say goodbye to a dream called “HQ2” because of creeping socialism.

This Thursday, February 21 at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will discuss:

Winter Smolder. The Ontario Legislature has been back in session for two days, and already there’s been enough controversy for about an entire term. Parents with autistic kids are still fuming about changes to funding for therapy, and they were understandably displeased when a Conservative MPP waved off their concerns with a dated Seinfeld reference. Tuesday began with students still angry about proposed changes to post-secondary education, and Wednesday brought another potential scandal involving patronage and giving high-paying jobs to loyal party members, and the week’s only half over… What next?

Nothing to SNC Here. If you really want scandal these days, go to the Federal government where the mysterious transfer of Jody Wilson-Raybould from Justice Minister to Veterans Affairs Minister was answered with the revelation that the PMO tried to lean on her to lean on the prosecutor to go easy on Montreal engineering firm SNC Lavalin. This type of old school influencing scandal would be a bad look anytime, but in an election year? Combined with the fact that it looks like Justin Trudeau pressured the only Indigenous woman in his cabinet to quit, is it safe to finally say that the “Sunny Ways” agenda is dead and gone?

Bullet to the Headquarters. Late last year, Amazon announced that New York City was the winner of its HQ2 contest, meaning that the Big Apple was the chosen location for their second headquarters. People cheered because it meant 25,000 jobs in exchange for about $3 billion in tax subsidies, but along the way, the socialists started winning, and getting ideas. Amazon suddenly pulled HQ2 last week, and blamed it on politicians like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for not giving them enough love, and being downright rude about all the benefits one of the world’s richest corporations had received. Is this the end of crony capitalism?

Vax Populi. In the grip of a worldwide measles outbreak, the blame for the spread of a disease declared eradicated in North America for almost 20 years falls squarely on the shoulders of the so-called “Anti-vaxxers”, people who believe vaccinations in kids leads to autism and other developmental conditions. Now this is hokum thoroughly debunked by scientists everywhere, but the damage, it seems, has been done, and is being undone as “herd immunity” has started to suffer, and outbreaks now grip Vancouver and several U.S. states. So have we learned our lesson on this, or are we doomed to suffer from diseases once thought cured? Polio, anyone?

Open Sources is live on CFRU 93.3 fm and at 5 pm on Thursday.

Above image courtesy of the Avro Post.

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