Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 12, 2017


It’s time to catch up on some punditry on this week’s edition of Open Sources Guelph. With Scotty back from his trip to the dentist, we’re going to dive back into the latest news and come up with some opinions about the same. For instance, the prime minister gave his cabinet a shuffle this week as he’s tries to get the new year started on better footing than he ended the year with. We’ll then look at the Conservative leadership race, where at least two people are in a race to see who can be the more Trump-like. Speaking of the President-Elect, we’ll check in on his doings and then examine how a beloved film actress taught us all to rebel again…

This Thursday, January 12, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will discuss:

1) Tru-D’OH! Electoral reform, pay-for-play, stagnant jobs numbers, Trudeau was taking it on the chin from all sides before the Christmas break, and 2017 wasn’t looking much better with Bahamian vacations and visits to private islands. So you know what that means: LLLLLet’s get ready to SHUF-FLE!!! But with Chrystia Freeland, taking over at Foreign Affairs, and Maryam Monsef being less of an embarrassment as Minister of Status of Women is Trudeau going to be able to shake off the cobwebs and get back to crowd-pleasing governance, especially with the Trumpocalypse about to erupt south of the border?

2) Kevin Can Wait. Kevin O’Leary gave a Christmas present to the country last month announcing that he seriously starting to think about maybe possibly getting involved sorta in the federal Conservative leadership race. O’Leary threw his lure into the water to see if he could catch anyone interested in his running, but all he got was criticism for waiting till after the French debate to make it official. Meanwhile, Kellie Leitch is trying to make inroads into Fox News, which would be a great idea if she were running for the Republican leadership, but the Conservatives are trying to make inroads beyond their base. We’ll update the state of the race.

3) Trump Guard. Meanwhile, in New York City yesterday, Donald Trump took a break from prepping to make America great again to do a press conference. It was his first since he won the presidency, his first overall in over six months, and he decided to do it at the exact same time his controversial pick for Secretary of State was being vetted in Congress. So naturally, it was a dumpster fire, and Trump’s antagonist relationship with the press shows no sign of mending, and it’s only going to get worse as Trump finally takes office next week. All that, and alleged Russian tampering in the American election as we dig deep into the madness and try and find some sanity.

4) Resistance is Brutal. Sanity is one word for what people are looking for. Relief is another. Relief from a world where the incoming President of the United States can say anything he damn well feels like and the people that elected him don’t seem to give a damn. A world where people cheer for the repeal of Obamacare because they “know” the Affordable Care Act will be unaffected. But then the three-time Academy Award-winning actress showed them the way. Meryl Streep made a convincing argument at last Sunday’s Golden Globes, and it seemed to get under the skin of Trump and his supporters in an unexpected way. So what will the resistance to Trump look like?

Open Sources is live on CFRU 93.3 fm and at 5 pm on Thursday.

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