The Weekender: You Finally Did It….


It didn’t even take until lunch time for the latest entrant in the Conservative Party leadership race to embarrass himself. The definition of embarrassment is entirely my own because, as we’ve learned from the Trump experiment south of the border, sometimes a gross lack of political savvy and poise is a selling point, and worse still, some people are all too willing to buy it. Considering all that, Kevin O’Leary, the cartoonishly super villain like “entrepreneur”, “business expert” and reality show TV star, began his political career by saying the following on CP24: “[Justin Trudeau]’s lucky he is going to meet me and I’ll tell you why. I am going to help him find his ultimate destiny because it is not running this country, that’s for sure.” Continue reading “The Weekender: You Finally Did It….”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 12, 2017


It’s time to catch up on some punditry on this week’s edition of Open Sources Guelph. With Scotty back from his trip to the dentist, we’re going to dive back into the latest news and come up with some opinions about the same. For instance, the prime minister gave his cabinet a shuffle this week as he’s tries to get the new year started on better footing than he ended the year with. We’ll then look at the Conservative leadership race, where at least two people are in a race to see who can be the more Trump-like. Speaking of the President-Elect, we’ll check in on his doings and then examine how a beloved film actress taught us all to rebel again… Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 12, 2017”

The Weekender: What Just Happened? A Year in Review-ish.


I was watching Batman Returns the other night (it’s a Christmas movie, okay!), and it seemed like it was rubbing the past year in my face with all the big budget gothery that Tim Burton is famous for. The plot sees the Dark Knight caught between a powerful woman trying to assert dominance in a male-crowded field with an annoying habit of coming back just when you think she’s gone, and a gross trust-fund brat whose disgusting inside and out, openly misogynistic, and wickedly obsessed with his own revenge and self-satisfaction who cons a beleaguered people into thinking he’s their hero. Sound familiar? Continue reading “The Weekender: What Just Happened? A Year in Review-ish.”

The Weekender: What Happens When Money is Top of Mind


The narrative of the 2016 Presidential race in the United States has been that the problems in America can only be solved by people how have had no previous dalliance in the political class, at least on the Republican side. Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Carly Florina have all, to varying degrees, enjoyed success with voters looking for an outsider to tell Washington what to do. This populist movement has somehow managed to tie itself to people that have a lot of money and in the is imbued the hope that they can restore balance to the world, and it’s working so well, they’re apparently giving it a try here in Canada.  Continue reading “The Weekender: What Happens When Money is Top of Mind”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 21, 2016


If last week’s show was a major bummer, we try to lighten things up on this week’s Open Sources Guelph with some news that’s a little more hopeful, or at the very least head-scratchingly unbelievable. We look ahead to the coming week as Parliament gets back down to business, and we look at the Official Opposition’s upcoming leadership race and the surprising entry into that race. In other news, relations with an old enemy have thawed a little further, while another damp chill falls over the Canadian media landscape. We said we’d try! Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 21, 2016”

Game On! Conservatives Officially Call the Leadership Race


Rona Ambrose has been keeping the blue light of conservatism burning bright, but she is, in the end, only the interim leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. Well, the search to permanently replace Stephen Harper begins today with the announcement from the CPC that they’ve saved the date for their leadership convention: May 27, 2017. Continue reading “Game On! Conservatives Officially Call the Leadership Race”