Marge’s Nightmare is Our Reality as The Simpsons Spoof the Presidential Race


The Simpsons is no stranger to making pointed political commentary, so did you think that the craziness of the 2016 U.S. Presidential race was going to pass without notice? Hardly. In a new video posted Saturday night, Marge is being driven to night terrors about the hyper-partisanship and the acidic vitriol of the presidential campaign so far, and while many of us aren’t hyperventilating yet, we’ve certainly felt like we have been. Can the presidential race be a bit more harmonious, as Homer suggests? Let’s find out.

There’s some good stuff in here with Donald Trump taking the disc out of Robot Rubio, and Hillary Clinton choking Bernie Sanders with her pearls telling him that “Goldman Sachs says ‘Hello.'” The message though is simple: We just want to see who wins, because then, it will all be over. This isn’t the first time The Simpsons dipped its toe into election year issues with a special internet short. In 2012, Mr. Burns tried to rally support for Mitt Romney despite Smithers’ pointed and accurate criticism. Meanwhile, Homer struggled at the voting machine, and not for the first time as a 2008 video hilariously suggested that voter fraud may be in the mix when using those machines.

As for the real wold, in case you missed it, Donald Trump handily won the South Carolina primary on Saturday night with Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz slugging it out for a photo-finish in second place. Jeb Bush, despite the deep pockets of his Super PAC and once being the presumptive frontrunner, quietly suspended his campaign following a disappointing fourth place finish. In Nevada, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders in the caucuses there, as she was widely expected to. Clinton is also expected to win the South Carolina Democratic Primary this Saturday thanks to her strong support amongst African-Americans.

And yes, The Simpsons still airs new episodes Sundays at 8 pm on Fox.

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