Friday Videos: Obama Thriller, GOP Loves Science, and Referendum Remembered


It’s Friday, so let’s celebrate with some videos to take you mind off that long wait till 5 ‘o’ clock.

First up, the group behind “Barack’s Dubs” have put together a special remix for Halloween as the 44th President of the United States sings the seasonal classic by Michael Jackson, “Thriller.”

Next, it wasn’t all bad math and media bias at the CNBC Republican debate Wednesday night. Former New York Governor George Pataki said that “One of the things that troubles me about the Republican Party is too often we question science that everyone accepts.” Meanwhile, South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham explained, “I’m not a scientist, and I’ve got the grades to prove it. But I’ve talked to the climatologists of the world, and 90 percent of them are telling me tat the greenhouse gas effect is real.”

The good news is that not all Republican presidential candidates are obsessed with ideology (or religion) over science; the bad news is that both Pataki and Graham were on the undercard (not aired in prime time) debate.

And finally, 20 years ago today Quebecers went to the polls to decide whether or not the province would remain part of Canada or strike out into the world as its own country. The referendum ended with the slimest possible margin in favour of preserving Conferation, but it was a long tense night for those watching fate unfold on their TVs. Now, for your viewing and historical pleasure, an industrious You Tube user has posted all four hours and 26 minutes of CBC’s Referendum Night coverage.

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