Open Sources/RadiOPIRG Interview with Michael Harris


Michael Harris recent book Party of One is a thorough and vicious dissection of the nine years of governance by Stephen Harper and Conservative Party of Canada. From robocalls, to veterans affairs, to the muzzling of scientists and the disenfranchisement of loyal and dedicated public servants, Harris leaves no stone unturned to make sure the reader’s convinced that Harper and Company have been up to no good for the past decade.

Not convinced yet? Well, Harris is coming to Guelph on April 19 at Harcourt United Church courtesy of Fair Vote Guelph to tell you in person. In anticipation, Open Sources Guelph with RadiOPIRG got the chance to interview Harris by phone from Ottawa about his work on Party of One, his ongoing coverage of the Harper government, and what the future and the upcoming election might hold. Continue reading “Open Sources/RadiOPIRG Interview with Michael Harris”

Fantino Out, O’Toole In, As Harper Shuffles Cabinet Pre-Election


In a surprise New Year’s announcement, embattled Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino found himself demoted to associate minister for National Defence while Durham MP Erin O’Toole will try to salvage Fantino’s old post as the Federal government aims to get itself on its best footing for an election year. A quick ceremony at Rideau Hall this morning installed O’Toole as Fantino’s successor, while the much embattled MP of Vaughan returns to a post he held shortly after his first election in 2010, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper tries to correct mistakes made with the Veterans Affairs portfolio last year. Continue reading “Fantino Out, O’Toole In, As Harper Shuffles Cabinet Pre-Election”