Open Sources Show Notes for February 20, 2020

This week on Open Sources Guelph, we’re going to catch up on a couple of ongoing stories, and then look at two new ones because if it’s Thursday, that means there’s too much news to cover! So in the first half we’re going to talk about the latest on the protests supporting the Wet’suwet’an hereditary chiefs, and the escalating friction between the Ontario government and teachers. Then, in the back half, we’ll look at the political drama in two Maritime provinces, and the drama happening right here are home on the U of G campus. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for February 20, 2020”

May Dares Mulcair to Call Harper’s Bluff on Debates


Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May was at the University of Guelph this morning to announce her party’s platform for post-secondary education and addressing youth unemployment, but being the eve of a debate, the media was interested in knowing more about May’s plans, participating via remote on Twitter. The Globe & Mail and Google, who organized tomorrow’s debate on the economy in Calgary, wanted a “steamlined” debate with just Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau, but May is still holding out for hope that she can still play ball with the other leaders in a televised debate, and she dared NDP leader Mulcair to make it happen. Continue reading “May Dares Mulcair to Call Harper’s Bluff on Debates”

From SpannerBook: Scotty Hertz and the Tunnel of Secrets

It’s probably due to the ancient coding buried deep within our makeup that stories of secret tunnels and hidden chambers continue to thrill. Two thousand years ago, loads of humans on the planet lived short rough lives in houses that would qualify as earth bunkers. Ever wonder why some people call their living quarters “digs”?

(An iron age hut in the UK. Not much iron to speak of but it was home)

Continue reading “From SpannerBook: Scotty Hertz and the Tunnel of Secrets”

Charlie Angus Coming to Guelph to Spark Election Fever for NDP


A lot of the local news for the upcoming Federal Election has been in regards to the very busy race for the Liberal nomination, but what of other opposition parties? The NDP hopes to make their presence felt in the suddenly vacant Royal City riding by bringing in a trusted representative to rile up the base. Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus will be at the Bullring at the University of Guelph on Sunday February 22 to do a fundraising concert to “build momentum” for the 2015 election. Continue reading “Charlie Angus Coming to Guelph to Spark Election Fever for NDP”