Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 3, 2015

Mohamed Fahmy

Before you kick off for the Labour Day weekend, tune in your radio for the latest edition of Open Sources Guelph. Don’t adjust your set, because the show will sounds a little different this week, but rest assured, the same old political commentary will emerge for your radio this afternoon as the team address the latest hot topics making news across Canada. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 3, 2015”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 13, 2015


Welcome to Week 2 of the 2015 Campaign. If you’re not tired of the election yet, get ready because Open Sources Guelph is going to recap the week and the major issues before diving headlong again into the murky and messy topic of U.S. race relations as we mark a sad anniversary and events that seem constantly to be repeating themselves. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 13, 2015”

Election Eve Gets Nasty

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It was the night before the election call; and all through the house; the parties were warring; and ready to pounce. With Stephen Harper widely expected to visit the Governor-General in the next couple of days to request the dissolution of Parliament, thus starting the official campaign. But on this election eve, the main federal parties are doing all they can to align their forces for what might be the longest, hardest and bloodiest campaign in Canadian political history. Continue reading “Election Eve Gets Nasty”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 2, 2015

Happy Canada Day, boys and girls! Let’s talk about Greece, and the United States. This week’s episode of Open Sources Guelph will take you abroad to sunny Greece, home of democracy and home to the first developed country to ever default on its IMF loans. Then we’ll go back to the U.S. of A. to bask in a rainbow of openness and [some] bigotry. Back here in Canada, we’ll look into the merits of making the wallets of those earning minimum wage thicker, and we’ll check in on what’s turning into the election that will never end (and it hasn’t even really started yet). Our present for Canada’s 148th birthday? The best of topical political discussion. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 2, 2015”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday June 18, 2015


This week’s Open Sources Guelph is going to be epic. It will have the best topics as discussed by the best hosts of the best community radio station in Canada. Seriously. No one is more committed to workers rights and social justice than Scotty Hertz. And Adam A. Donaldson? Clearly the best political mind in the Royal City, without a doubt. If you’re not listening to Open Sources, you’re fired! You might as well export all your national pride to China, along with our manufacturing, because this week’s episode is going to be epic. Or didn’t I already mention that. [The preceding was meant to be read in a bombastic, egocentric vaguely New Jersian accent.] Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday June 18, 2015”

Ad Wars 2015 – Part I


Today both the Conservatives and the New Democrats released brand new ads, and they make a pretty clear statement that the 2015 election campaign is now unofficially underway. The battle lines are drawn here between the governing Conservatives and the upstart NDP: you’re either going to vote for strong, steady leadership, or you’re going to leave behind cynicism and embrace morning in Canada. Continue reading “Ad Wars 2015 – Part I”

6 Months to Election Day


Exactly six months from now, Canadians will go to the polls to elect a new federal government. Already, each of the major parties is telling us that this will be the most important election in Canadian history, and although the more meta-aware candidates recognize that this line is said almost every election year, could they be actually right this time? There are 30 new seats up for grabs thanks to the re-configuration of district lines, making a majority sweep just a little bit harder to achieve. On the issues, there’s the Stephen Harper legacy, whether or not a balanced budget is enough to make people forget the myriad of scandals his government’s incurred over the last decade. And the Opposition, is Thomas Mulcair’s prosecutorial method of holding the government in line going to keep the Orange Crush crushing, or is the face of youth and vitality in Justin Trudeau going to be more appealing? Continue reading “6 Months to Election Day”