Secret of the Toronto Tunnel Solved


Mystery solved! If only crop circles were that easy. After making an international media splash last week, the curious case of the Toronto tunnel was resolved this morning when Toronto Police announced that two unidentified men had come forward claiming responsibility for creating the 10-metre long construct for “personal reasons.” Too long; didn’t read – they were building a man-cave Continue reading “Secret of the Toronto Tunnel Solved”

Harper Lee to Publish Second Book 55 Years After “Mockingbird”

To Kill a Mockingbird Cover

It’s been a staple of the high school English curriculum for decades, you’ve probably read it yourself, and until today it was the only book by Harper Lee to ever get published. Now, nearly 55 years to the day that To Kill a Mockingbird was released, Lee’s second novel Go Set a Watchman, will hit bookstore shelves later this year. Continue reading “Harper Lee to Publish Second Book 55 Years After “Mockingbird””