Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday October 5, 2017

This calls for a celebration! That seems to be the news this week on Open Sources Guelph, because, as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining. That dark cloud includes some violence in Spain over a vote of independence by one of the regions there, and the pitiful reaction of the U.S. government to recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. The silver lining? How about the fact that a federal party elected a visible minority as its new leader? Or the fact that the electoral reform fight is far from over?  Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday October 5, 2017”

Guelph to Rally Against Voter Suppression


As advanced polls are underway this weekend, showing big student turnout and long lines directly attributed to confusion over the new rules under the Fair Elections Act, we wonder about whether or not there will be some kind of repeat of the events of 2011 (ie: Robocalls). So to add fuel to the paranoia (however justified), Fair Vote Guelph is organizing a Rally Against Voter Suppression for the coming week. Continue reading “Guelph to Rally Against Voter Suppression”

Open Sources/RadiOPIRG Interview with Michael Harris


Michael Harris recent book Party of One is a thorough and vicious dissection of the nine years of governance by Stephen Harper and Conservative Party of Canada. From robocalls, to veterans affairs, to the muzzling of scientists and the disenfranchisement of loyal and dedicated public servants, Harris leaves no stone unturned to make sure the reader’s convinced that Harper and Company have been up to no good for the past decade.

Not convinced yet? Well, Harris is coming to Guelph on April 19 at Harcourt United Church courtesy of Fair Vote Guelph to tell you in person. In anticipation, Open Sources Guelph with RadiOPIRG got the chance to interview Harris by phone from Ottawa about his work on Party of One, his ongoing coverage of the Harper government, and what the future and the upcoming election might hold. Continue reading “Open Sources/RadiOPIRG Interview with Michael Harris”

Michael Harris Coming to Guelph to Talk ‘Party of One’


April is shaping up to be the cruelest month for Prime Minister Stephen Harper: the Mike Duffy trial begins this week, the knives are already out for the federal budget coming April 21, and author Michael Harris will be hitting the road to talk about his takedown of the Harper years, Party of One. Fair Vote Guelph is bringing Harris to the Royal City on April 19, but Open Sources Guelph will have the reporter, columnist and author on the show later this week. Continue reading “Michael Harris Coming to Guelph to Talk ‘Party of One’”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 22, 2015


On this week’s episode of Open Sources Guelph, we spend the hour with some special in-studio guests hoping to do some informing of there own. With the 2015 Federal Election on the horizon, and the ghost of attempted widespread voter fraud in Guelph just four years ago, the good folks at Fair Vote Guelph want to get people on guard and engaged for the next time someone tries to hijack our democracy. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 22, 2015”