The Weekender: 99 Problems But a Trump Ain’t One

Democratic U.S. vice presidential nominee Senator Kaine and Republican U.S. vice presidential nominee Governor Pence discuss an issue during their vice presidential debate at Longwood University in Farmville

Conventional wisdom said that Indiana Governor and Donald Trump running mate Mike Pence won Tuesday’s Vice-Presidential debate. Despite the fact that moderator Elaine Quijano and Hillary Clinton VP pick Sen. Tim Kaine kept hitting Pence with things that Trump’s said and he constantly denied, Pence was deemed the victor because he looked smooth as silk while refusing to acknowledge the things his Presidential candidate has been caught on the record saying. In hindsight though, it would have been nice if Quijano and Kaine had focused on Pence’s own record as a politician, because in a great many not insignificant ways, Pence is a much worse candidate than Trump.
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Donald Trump Has Demands RE: Further Republican Debates


It’s the worst kept secret that the Republican Presidential candidates have thought that last week’s CNBC debate treated them tremendously unfair – in fact we touched on it during last week’s show – but Donald Trump seems ready to take debate demands to the next level. Getting a bump in the polls and the attention from being centre stage at the debate not enough? No, says the businessman Trump, he wants cash! Continue reading “Donald Trump Has Demands RE: Further Republican Debates”

Another Debate, Another Classic Harper GIF

Last night, the Federal leaders met to debate for the third time, and the first time en francais. Aside from the difference in language, and the nearly 67 per cent increase in participants thanks to the inclusion of Elizabeth May and Giles Duceppe, there was a marked difference in tone and content with the focus on Quebec’s top issues. But some things didn’t change, and that was Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s skill at unintentionally creating easily gifable moments during a debate. Continue reading “Another Debate, Another Classic Harper GIF”

Did That Debate Suck or Did it Blow?


There was a lot of controversy in Stephen Harper’s move to rebut the typical national leaders debates organized by the consortium of major Canadian broadcasters; those in favour said more debates is better, those against said that Harper was trying to avoid being questioned in front of the largest possible audience. After the Maclean’s debate in August there was some reason for optimism, it was well put together, professional, and lent real insight into the leaders and their points of view on the issues. The same, however, could not be said about last night’s Globe and Mail debate. Continue reading “Did That Debate Suck or Did it Blow?”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 13, 2015


Welcome to Week 2 of the 2015 Campaign. If you’re not tired of the election yet, get ready because Open Sources Guelph is going to recap the week and the major issues before diving headlong again into the murky and messy topic of U.S. race relations as we mark a sad anniversary and events that seem constantly to be repeating themselves. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 13, 2015”

LIVE BLOG – Rogers/Macleans Federal Leaders Debate


Tonight is the accidental first major campaign event of the 2015 Federal Election. I have taken up residence at the Penny Whistle pub in downtown Guelph where the local NDP is hosting a debate watch. Obviously, they’re riled up because they’re banking on their man Mulcair to take the night as the next step on the long ladder to the Prime Minister’s Office. Can he do it? Can Justin Trudeau make a serious impression? What impact will Elizabeth May have? Can Stephen Harper make his case for re-election? Stand by. Continue reading “LIVE BLOG – Rogers/Macleans Federal Leaders Debate”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 6, 2015


Finally! The campaign begins. It feels like we’ve talking about since – I don’t know – the first episode, but the official campaign period for the 42nd General Election is officially underway, and Open Sources Guelph has you covered. We’ll cover #elxn42 so far in the first half of the show, the second half we’ll tackle that other debate Thursday night, and salute a fake news legend who became a paragon for actual news in his own time. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 6, 2015”