What’s in a Niqab?


And to think, when this campaign started some 17 years ago, we thought it was going to be all about the economy, Duffy, and whether or not you’ll ever be able to get to vote without having to fight through an army political operatives. What a difference 60-plus days make. Now it seems that the race is all about whether or not the government should have the ability to tell a statistically nearly non-existent group of people what not to wear at citizenship ceremonies, and that’s just how the Conservatives like it. Continue reading “What’s in a Niqab?”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday October 1, 2015


The election started with New Democratic Party leader Tom Mulcair being the heir apparent for the Prime Minister’s Office, but this week on Open Sources Guelph we’re wondering a more local-focused question: can an NDP candidate overturn the 22 year Liberal Party dynasty in the Royal City. We’ve had the Liberal candidate on the show to tell us why we should stay red, and this week’s its the NDP’s turn to tell us why we should like some Orange Crush. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday October 1, 2015”

Blue Rodeo Releases Harper Protest Song


The protest song is not a new device for rock and rollers looking to rage against the machine, but when stalwarts of CanCon Top 40 middlebrow work day mix radio start raging, you should sit up and take notice. Blue Rodeo is hardly the protest song type, but they are now. The Canadian band has released a new single called “Stealin’ All My Dreams,” and guess who the titular thief is. Continue reading “Blue Rodeo Releases Harper Protest Song”

Another Debate, Another Classic Harper GIF

Last night, the Federal leaders met to debate for the third time, and the first time en francais. Aside from the difference in language, and the nearly 67 per cent increase in participants thanks to the inclusion of Elizabeth May and Giles Duceppe, there was a marked difference in tone and content with the focus on Quebec’s top issues. But some things didn’t change, and that was Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s skill at unintentionally creating easily gifable moments during a debate. Continue reading “Another Debate, Another Classic Harper GIF”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 24, 2015


This week, Open Sources Guelph will kick its election coverage to the next level by interviewing the first of the four major party candidates in the riding of Guelph. Sandwiched between two debates here in the Royal City, we will put our guest through his paces, and get him to speak candidly about the issues without any ability to deflect to one of the other six people present, and next week, we’ll do it all over again. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday September 24, 2015”

Deep Concerns Exist About Election Results Legitimacy


As we’ve seen this year in Guelph, the spectre of the robocall scandal has not been too far from many residents minds. In fact, as we get closer to the October 19 vote, many Canadians are starting to wonder more and more if whether or not they’ll be able to cast their ballot fairly and without political or malicious interference. If you’ve been feeling that way, don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Continue reading “Deep Concerns Exist About Election Results Legitimacy”

The Great One Not Always So Great on Politics


It was probably a big deal for hockey fans, and for the Prime Minister who wrote a book about hockey last year, but the question is, does the endorsement of Wayne Gretzky for Stephen Harper make any difference? More importantly, can the endorsement of “The Great One” be as valuable as he would like us to think? You may think I’m referring to his endorsement of Patrick Brown for Ontario PC leader earlier this year, but  no, we’re talking about someone even most Conservative want to forget about supporting. Continue reading “The Great One Not Always So Great on Politics”