Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 18, 2019

This week on Open Sources Guelph, we’re going to get election ready! The Federal Election is just a few weeks away, so we’ll check on the status of some of the major parties, plus talk in-depth about one party’s very particular move that made headlines locally and nationally. And on top of all that, we’ll welcome another member of Guelph’s City Council to the studio for another substantive chat about local issues.

This Thursday, July 18, at 5 pm, Scotty Hertz and Adam A. Donaldson will discuss:

Warren Piece. We’re probably just  little over a month away from the kick-off to the 2019 Federal Election, and moves are being made. The so-called “master of the dark arts” Warren Kinsella has been hired by the Green Party in a rare power move, polls show that Ontarians might rethink voting Conservative because of Doug Ford, and the Liberals have mostly been able to come back in the polls after SNC-Lavalin. What do we make of the latest moves in the Federal arena as we countdown to E-Day?

Maxime Overdrive. People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier was schedule to take part in a town hall at the Guelph Youth Music Centre this Friday, but concerns about (checks notes) “antifa violence” forced the People’s Party riding association to cancel the event. Guelph groups were planning a protest, prompted by a new allegation about Bernier’s support of white supremacists, but the cancellation has prompted a local debate about Free Speech, and who gets to use it, so let’s talk about that!

Return of the Mark. Guelph City Council will rise for the summer on Monday, but not before they deal with just a bit more controversy. The City is going to have dig into the financials to find cost savings, while it looks like the new new main branch of the Guelph Public Library will be the first victim of Bill 108 in Guelph. To talk about this, and other issues around the horseshoe, we’ll be joined this week by Ward 6 Councillor Mark MacKinnon, who will talk about what council is doing this summer.

Open Sources is live on CFRU 93.3 fm and at 5 pm on Thursday.

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