Trudeau Introduces His First Cabinet Shuffle!


When in doubt, shake-up the cabinet! As predicted, given his troubles with pay-for-pay, electoral reform and the rest, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to break in the new year by giving his cabinet a shuffle. Six ministries are playing musical ministers. Take a look at how it all shakes out below. Continue reading “Trudeau Introduces His First Cabinet Shuffle!”

The Weekender: Who Gives a $#!% About Trudeau’s Vacation?


Oh man, CTV News thought they had a scoop! No, not the one about the warning to Hydro One that one of their computers might have Russian malware on it, I mean the other scoop. The one where CTV found out where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family went on holiday! We got him!!! [Crickets.] We’ve heard a lot about fake news lately, but crowing about the indepth investigation to find out where the PM’s sitting in idle for a weeks blurs the line between “news” and “you call this news?” Sure, it’s nice to know where Trudeau’s at, but you’re not Woodward and Bernstein with an atlas, CTV. Continue reading “The Weekender: Who Gives a $#!% About Trudeau’s Vacation?”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 5, 2017


We’re back! Well technically, we never went anywhere. There have been new episodes of Open Sources Guelph during the holidays over the last two weeks, but they we’re “canned,” that is to say “pre-recorded.” But we’re back!!! Well, Adam’s back, at least. Scotty had some minor dental surgery this week, so he can’t talk, or maybe he shouldn’t talk. It’s definitely one of the two. Anyway, so it’s the first week of January, we’re back with the live shows, and it’s time to get back to the business of acquainting you with your local politicians. And we’re starting 2017 with the even numbered wards… Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday January 5, 2017”

Open Sources’ Manifesto for 2017


It’s hard to believe that two years ago this week, two of the guys from the “Gang of Four” decided to go solo and start their own show. It was an ambitious show that would aim to do all the things that Gang of Four did, plus a little bit more, that’s why it was called “Open Sources Guelph“, the show was open for anyone to be a source. That was year one. In year two, we upped our game to try and fill the void left by the closure of the Guelph Mercury by profiling our local politicians. So what are we doing for 2017? We’re taking it up another notch, of course! Continue reading “Open Sources’ Manifesto for 2017”

From Spannerbook: The Parable of the Rough Sleeper



Come all ye faithful, joyful on liquor store delights, triumphant in your shopping victories. Come take a closer, virtual walk with me not to the banks of the Jordan but to the Eramosa, where a young man has taken up residence in a tarpaulin hut this Christmas Eve. He has found ingenuity enough to build a solid little shelter in the scrub but his troubles are obvious and heartbreaking. Everyone is too busy shopping today to help him out but we’re going to at least try. He’s not very communicative and that’s ok. Most of those that have the bona fide skills to do this are enjoying two stat holidays in a row so it will be days from now until somebody official could pay a visit. We aren’t calling the police as there has been a crackdown on the rough sleepers lately. No one owns the slope by the…

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