INTERVIEW – MP Michael Chong on the Long Road to Reform (Act)


After nearly two years of blood, sweat and tears – and frequently with a gone-too-soon death notice – the Reform Act received royal assent last week, officially making it the law in Canada. The baby of Wellington-Halton Hills Conservative MP Michael Chong, the Reform Act aimed to put more power in the hands of backbench members of Parliament and create more independence and less partisanship. Although high-minded ideals were contained in the Act, it was always far from a done deal, even right up to the end of the legislative session when more divisive and more controversial bills like C-51 sailed through the senate. With the Reform Act now the Reform Law, Chong joined us on Open Sources Guelph recently to do a victory lap.

Chong appeared on last week’s episode of Open Sources on CFRU, and Scotty and I grilled him on the hurdles he faces shepherding the Reform Act through the legislature, what he hopes it will accomplish, and what he thinks the House of Commons will look like when the government resumes after the fall election. The full interview is posted below via Soundcloud.

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