Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 12, 2015


In another very busy news week, the issues run the gambit from the¬†superfluous to the super serious. The Supreme Court opened up the rights of Canadians further in what might be its most contentious decision since it upheld the rights of same sex couple to marry. From there the discussion turns to political betrayal, media betrayal and the latest from a forgotten war zone. Just another week on Open Sources Guelph. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 12, 2015”

Harper Shuffles Cabinet; Adams Shuffles to Liberals


It’s another busy start to the week in Ottawa as the fallout of John Baird’s sudden resignation as Foreign Affairs Minister continues to affect business as usual on Parliament Hill. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, forced to fill such an important vacancy in his cabinet, shuffled some of his key advisers into different positions. But that all important news was drowned out by party politics as a controversial member of Harper’s caucus crossed the floor to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. Continue reading “Harper Shuffles Cabinet; Adams Shuffles to Liberals”

Monte & RoFo: Uncomfortably Together to the End


Got nothing better to do today? Want to revel in the four previous years of Toronto politics and relive the glory days of Ford Nation? Want to support a provincial politician that doesn’t know when to quit? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may want to head out to Woodbine Banquet Hall in Toronto for a campaign event with Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Monte McNaughton, and former Toronto Mayor and gossip magnet Rob Ford later today. Continue reading “Monte & RoFo: Uncomfortably Together to the End”

SCOC Unanimously Endorses Doctor Assisted Death


In an unusual 9-0 decision, especially considering the contentious social issue at stake, the Supreme Court of Canada opened the doors to doctor assisted death today. Canadians, according to the court, have the right to seek out a doctor’s help to let them die when facing clearly defined criteria, and they’ve given a year to the federal and provincial governments to sort out the legal implications. Continue reading “SCOC Unanimously Endorses Doctor Assisted Death”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 5, 2015


War and Pestilence are well-known Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but Bribery and Quitting….? From Parliament Hill to the Nickel Capital of the World to the disease filled attractions of the Magic Kingdom, it’s been another busy week in the news, and Open Sources Guelph has you covered from all the angles. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 5, 2015”

Harper Lee to Publish Second Book 55 Years After “Mockingbird”

To Kill a Mockingbird Cover

It’s been a staple of the high school English curriculum for decades, you’ve probably read it yourself, and until today it was the only book by Harper Lee to ever get published. Now, nearly 55 years to the day that To Kill a Mockingbird was released, Lee’s second novel Go Set a Watchman, will hit bookstore shelves later this year. Continue reading “Harper Lee to Publish Second Book 55 Years After “Mockingbird””