The Weekender: The Best Thing for America is a Trump Win. Seriously.


A couple of months ago, I wrote a piece in this space about how Donald Trump was not Rob Ford, but to look at the situation a different way, perhaps the best thing the American voter can do is get Donald Trump out of their system, like Toronto did with Ford. The come out of nowhere election of Ford in 2010 surprised even the most skeptical of pundits; it floored the media and the political establishment that an unpolished, unpracticed populist with a simple message and a proclivity to stick his foot in his mouth would rise to the highest office in North America’s fourth largest city. On that basis, the comparisons between Trump and Ford are easy, and that’s why we know that the only way Americans are going to shake off the siren song of winning “yuge” is by seeing what four years under Trump looks like. Continue reading “The Weekender: The Best Thing for America is a Trump Win. Seriously.”

The Weekender: That Stupid Lottery


I’ve never understood cross-border shopping. Sure, when you live in Windsor or Niagara Falls, it makes some kind of sense, but living here in Guelph, doing the five-hour round trip, waiting in line at the border, the cost of gas, and basic losing a day to base commerce, the math has never seemed to add up. I had a similar feeling this week watching Powerball madness grip not just those in the U.S., but those Canadians that got in their cars and headed south to play along in the 1 in 292 million chance that they might become billionaires.  Continue reading “The Weekender: That Stupid Lottery”