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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday March 23, 2017

Now going three weeks strong without a branded Trump topic (you just can’t get away from this guy), Open Sources Guelph comes at you this Thursday with 100 per cent Can Con (and 75 per cent Con Con). First up, we’ll look at the now victorious new leader of the Alberta PCs and the big job he has ahead of him, and then we’ll talk about the dirty tricks employed in the federal Conservative race, which, surprisingly, were not the figment of one candidate’s imagination. Then we’ll look at this year’s federal budget with out local Member of Parliament, and discuss the concerning mess over at our favourite media punching bag.  Continue reading


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The Weekender: Rebels Without Claws (Or How We Should Stop Silencing Milo, Ezra and the Rest)


How small and slight Milo Yiannopoulos seems not that I’ve seen him. Until his Friday night appearance on Real Time will Bill Maher I had assumed he had devil horns or was some kind of gargoyle looking guy, or something. Nope, he’s a skinny dope with a British accent that clearly enjoys being both the centre of attention and the object of revile, which is why all the reaction to him, be it Jeremy Scahill’s refusal to appear on the same Real Time episode as Yuannopoulos, or the riot that Berkley threw for his planned speaking engagement a few weeks back, is exactly what he wants. People hate Milo, and he loves it, which is why we should stop giving him and others like him what they want.  Continue reading

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