Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 26, 2018

THIS WEEK ON OPEN SOURCES GUELPH… Sorry, this week on Open Sources Guelph, we’re going to walk softly and carry a sarcastic tone. Yes, we need to talk about Trump’s foreign policy, such as it is. We’re also going to talk about how it’s going with Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau on a pair of tricky portfolios. (Hint: It’s not going well.) And to wrap it up, we’re going to not get on the bus. Because in certain places in the country, there are no more buses. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 26, 2018”

John Oliver Demonstrates Necessity of Decent Sex Ed

John Oliver sex ed

On his show Last Week Tonight last Sunday, John Oliver turned his attention to the stunning lack of uniformity and accuracy among varying sex education courses across the United States. As fate would have it, the debate here in Ontario about our own reformed sex ed curriculum heated up again this week, but we’ll leave it to Oliver to explain why it’s essential. Continue reading “John Oliver Demonstrates Necessity of Decent Sex Ed”