Open Sources Show Notes for August 27, 2020

Welcome to the black parade! That My Chemical Romance tune is front of mind on this week’s Open Sources Guelph as we watch the Republican Party at their convention tell a horror story that’s supposed to make Joe Biden look like a Stephen King villain in clown make-up. We’ll discuss that, and we’ll talk about our own new Conservative Party leader here in Canada. and then, in the back half, we’ll talk to one of the councillors from Guelph’s south end. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for August 27, 2020”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 28, 2016


After taking a week off, we have a lot of politics to catch up on with this week’s Open Sources Guelph. First, we’ll go to Philly where history was made as the first woman to win a major party nomination accepted with the trepidation of some in her party. It was serious stuff, the kind of stuff that make you want to take a trip to the circus. The Republicans threw one last week in honour of coronating their 2016 nominee, the orange-coloured ego man. Hopefully, this is something that will not be repeated next year when the Federal Conservatives and NDP choose a leader here in Canada. Speaking of circuses, the Canadian senate is hoping to go back to relative anonymity now that its members have all been cleared of criminal charges. It would be a crime to miss this week’s episode.  Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 28, 2016”

GOP Convention Recap Day #1: Countdown to the Purge


Donald Trump promised that no one could put on a show like he could, and if you were watching the first day of the Republican National Convention live from Cleveland, you had to admit, he was right. From C-list celebrity outrage, to political meltdowns, to outright plagiarism, there was something for everybody at the first full day of #GOPinCLE.  Continue reading “GOP Convention Recap Day #1: Countdown to the Purge”