Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday May 4, 2017

This week’s Open Sources Guelph will not begin until we’re shown to our villa. But seriously, unlike a certain luxury music festival organized by the man that gave us “Thug Lovin'”, or a certain American administration that we could name, this week’s show will run like a Swiss watch. No guest this week, but we’re going to have lots of discussion about 105 days of Trump, ranked ballots, refusing to pay rent, and why some people this week proved why their best work is behind them.  Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday May 4, 2017”

From Spannerbook: Parkamania


Justin Trudeau is on another barn-stormy, petrol sucking national tour, popping up this past week in The North with a “Justin” branded parka that has just enough fur trim to appease the seal hunters yet not enough for the soft PETA types to scream murder outright. The ship of state sails on, straight down the centre in the ever consistent Liberal way – tacking starboard so that that Bay Street is not displeased yet occasionally veering to port to soothe the conscience of the glowing hearts of his amorphous middle class voters. He probably thought Iqaluit was far enough away from anyone who might want to keep harping on about the unceremonious ditching of electoral reform but even the Parka Plebs will not let it go. 

justin-parka-2The electoral reform promise may have been flushed but it’s still swirling around in the bowl. Justin is running out of rhetorical tricks and…

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