Open Sources Show Notes for October 8, 2020

This week on Open Sources Guelph we will take everything we know about a busy news week, pack it in a tote, and leave it in the basement to gather dust because we’ve got a new standard for what a busy news week looks like. So Trump got COVID, and so did, it seems, most of his senior staff, which cast this week’s Vice Presidential debateĀ  in doubt. Meanwhile in Canada, we elected a new Green leader with no problem, and we’ve got a new provincial election to talk about. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for October 8, 2020”

The Weekender: 99 Problems But a Trump Ain’t One

Democratic U.S. vice presidential nominee Senator Kaine and Republican U.S. vice presidential nominee Governor Pence discuss an issue during their vice presidential debate at Longwood University in Farmville

Conventional wisdom said that Indiana Governor and Donald Trump running mate Mike Pence won Tuesday’s Vice-Presidential debate. Despite the fact that moderator Elaine Quijano and Hillary Clinton VP pick Sen. Tim Kaine kept hitting Pence with things that Trump’s said and he constantly denied, Pence was deemed the victor because he looked smooth as silk while refusing to acknowledge the things his Presidential candidate has been caught on the record saying. In hindsight though, it would have been nice if Quijano and Kaine had focused on Pence’s own record as a politician, because in a great many not insignificant ways, Pence is a much worse candidate than Trump.
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