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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday August 16, 2018

Open Sources Guelph is going Omarosa-free this week! There’s more than enough stuff in the world to be concerned about without a fight between a game show host and a game show contestant even if they are, paradoxically, the President of the United States and a former presidential advisor. Instead, we will look to the rising tide of racism and hate, and the friction between labour and management at Canada’s biggest summer fair. Oh, and we’ll have some guy named “Lloyd” on the show too. Continue reading


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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 4, 2016


The clown car has sprung a leak. On this week’s Open Sources Guelph we’ll journey to the Hawkeye State where the weird and wild journey of the American presidential race finally lead to some actual voting. Meanwhile, there’s some voting here in Ontario too as a by-election comes to a head, to say nothing of the debate around one of the most controversial trade agreements ever negotiated in total secrecy. Perhaps that’s a lesson to learn as the Royal City begins sitting down with its outside workers, officer staff, and librarians. This week, as it turns out, the show is one big segue. Continue reading

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