Open Sources (Ep. #425) Show Notes for May 11, 2023

This week’s Open Sources Guelph is a down affair. What else can you say when China is making trouble again for Canadian politicians, and when things are getting so bad that making Canadians pay extra for the “privilege” of watching Fox News just isn’t enough anymore. And if these two topics aren’t a big enough bummer, we’re going to round out the show with some discussion about animal abuse for human amusement. Sadly, it’s just another Thursday in this timeline. Continue reading “Open Sources (Ep. #425) Show Notes for May 11, 2023”

Open Sources (Ep. #422) Show Notes for April 20, 2023

This week on Open Sources Guelph, we meet some characters. Did you know that four dozen people want to be the next mayor of Toronto? Perhaps they’re all animated by the potential fate of the Toronto waterfront, which is once again in the news. Some of them would likely find good company with Elon Musk who has no problem finding strange bedfellows, and speaking of strange bedfellows we need to talk about Fox News. What a week to talk smack about the news! Continue reading “Open Sources (Ep. #422) Show Notes for April 20, 2023”

Donald Trump Has Demands RE: Further Republican Debates


It’s the worst kept secret that the Republican Presidential candidates have thought that last week’s CNBC debate treated them tremendously unfair – in fact we touched on it during last week’s show – but Donald Trump seems ready to take debate demands to the next level. Getting a bump in the polls and the attention from being centre stage at the debate not enough? No, says the businessman Trump, he wants cash! Continue reading “Donald Trump Has Demands RE: Further Republican Debates”