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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday October 20, 2016


This week on Open Sources Guelph, good news! After waiting and hoping that things might heat up for the Conservative leadership race, we have several more people to consider after a week of moves and announcements. In more good news, it seems like one of the world’s biggest employers has gotten the message: investing in people pays, and meanwhile in North Dakota, press freedom scored some kind of victory because a judge decided there wasn’t enough evidence to jail a reporter for doing her job. And finally, a grumpy old man decided if he can’t win the house, he’ll burn it down and salt the earth. Three out of four ain’t bad.  Continue reading


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Fantino Out, O’Toole In, As Harper Shuffles Cabinet Pre-Election


In a surprise New Year’s announcement, embattled Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino found himself demoted to associate minister for National Defence while Durham MP Erin O’Toole will try to salvage Fantino’s old post as the Federal government aims to get itself on its best footing for an election year. A quick ceremony at Rideau Hall this morning installed O’Toole as Fantino’s successor, while the much embattled MP of Vaughan returns to a post he held shortly after his first election in 2010, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper tries to correct mistakes made with the Veterans Affairs portfolio last year. Continue reading

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